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Aš esu: 49-m. vyras
zodiako ženklas: Mergelė Mergelė
gyvenu: Louisville, Kentukis, JAV
ieškau: 21 - 33-m. moters
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vaikai: Nėra
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serpico71 has visited 10 places.
Puerto Vallarta, Meksika @ Hotel (Rest) 2001-07-01
A trip to deal with the death of my mother. A sad lonely trip. The fondest memory was standing in the sea looking to the horizon
Bucharest, Rumunija @ Hotel/family (Business) 2000-06-22
Escaping from gypsies, crazy mafia, I was young and fearless and trouble followed. - extremely sad people, homeless children, abandoned dogs on the street. if only I could have helped more. Tears when leaving. The most amazing time.
Kiev, Ukraina @ Hotel Ukraine (Photography / Touring the CSS) 2000-06-01
The people here were hilarious and kind. A much bigger city, but extremely likable. If I could live there I certainly would!
Moscow, Rusija @ Red Square (Business) 2000-05-01
having my Visa stolen, bribing the authorities to let me out of the country, dealing with a city that wants to hold your head under water and not let you breath. however, the coolest Subway system I have ever seen. A city I respect but do not love. A people I care deeply for!
Chernivtsi, Ukraina (Travel to see the small town) 1999-06-06
It was a beautiful city, the people lived with what little they had. And they were willing to share what little they had with me. It was an honor to meet these great people
Perm, Rusija @ Perm-36 Gulag - Museum (I was part of an International Exchange MEMORIAL) 1995-07-03
ask me in person. ;)
Vilnius, Lietuva @ Apartment (A young crazy Adventurist) 1995-06-09
being caught in the heaviest rain without shelter TWICE! A month in Vilnius became one of the most memorable of my life. It was a dangerous time, and I loved every second.
Sibiu, Rumunija @ Sibiu (being a young crazy explorer) 1995-05-16
Lived with an incredible family. A memory of kindness under the Fagaras mountains (the land of Hobbits and the Lord of the Rings!!). Memories I will love untill my last breath. But I shall return.
Paris, Prancūzija @ Cannot remember (travel) 1994-05-30
$8 for a Coca-Cola? What's THAT all about? Anti-Americanism - Aren't I a human first? I got out of there quick!
Vienna, Austrija @ Short stay (Travel) 1994-05-25
A more beautiful city in Spring I have never seen. My first steps outside America

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