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Olya257 (Dabar prisijungusi!)
59-metų moteris ieško vyro 53-66; Išsituokęs(-usi)
Образование: музыкальное и филологическое. Способная: неплохо готовлю (и даже люблю это делать), неплохо играю на фортепиано (друзьям и коллегам нравится), стремлюсь создать уютную обстановку дома (кажется получается.
Member6974983 (Dabar prisijungusi!)
63-metų moteris ieško vyro 63-73; Išsituokęs(-usi)
I am 63 y. o. My name is Lili. I am a poet. My children are in another country. I am a nice woman. I think that I am a clever woman but I don't know English well. I am learning English now. I want to find a clever and
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Member5455640 (Dabar prisijungusi!)
45-metų moteris ieško vyro 43-61; Išsituokęs(-usi)
A Beautiful Woman inside - outside, Who is distinguishing the Diamond Line between The Ego/Mind/ and The Heart.... And The Way!... The Way is so far and crystal, and Sun is in The End, --- /... My Children, my
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Member6932171 (Dabar prisijungusi!)
56-metų moteris ieško vyro 54-69; Išsituokęs(-usi)
My name is Irina, I live in Kyrgyzstan Central Asia. I have an optimistic outlook on life, and I'm a positive person. I am a good listener, and I am a good conversationalist. I like to travel and enjoy the simple things
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Member6931038 (Dabar prisijungusi!)
37-metų moteris ieško vyro 37-50; Nevedęs/Netekėjusi
A Tender, brittle Petersburg girl, originally Siberian, flapped in Saint Petersburg ten years ago. I slide on the yacht of economics education through the ocean of information technologies. The solutions created by me
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Dream0904 (Dabar prisijungusi!)
53-metų moteris ieško vyro 49-66; Išsituokęs(-usi)
I'm solid and strong personality. But it is very romantic, a little shy. I love music, dancing, reading different literature, theater, animals and much more.... I'm a pretty tall girl. My height is 170 cm and I love the
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juliajuleta73 (Dabar prisijungusi!)
59-metų moteris ieško vyro 49-77; Pasakysiu vėliau
snow_woman (Dabar prisijungusi!)
48-metų moteris ieško vyro 48-55; Išsituokęs(-usi)
Whatever you wish for yourself, give it to someone else. If you want to be happy, make someone else happy. If you want to be lucky, help someone else succeed. If you want to get more love in your life, make the other
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Airotciv (Dabar prisijungusi!)
56-metų moteris ieško vyro 49-71; Našlys(-ė)
I live part time in Estonia, Tallinn and part time -- Norway, where my oldest son lives. I got a good education and hope that I am intelligent. I am very home orientated person, adore Nature, sea, walking and care for
Member6961804 (Dabar prisijungusi!)
27-metų moteris ieško vyro 38-60; Išsituokęs(-usi)
I am me. Honest and light hearted. I spend my free time going to church and travelling. I love reading books and listening to a gospel song, and shopping. I am self employed. I grew up in oromia north shoa selale I am 1
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