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48-metų moteris ieško vyro 34-99; Pasakysiu vėliau
Friends are the people we let into our walled-off lives – they are the people we know well and with whom we have a bond of mutual affection. A good friend is someone who defends and protects, who is loyal, considerate
Member6305252 (Dabar prisijungusi!)
51-metų moteris ieško vyro 40-70; Išsituokęs(-usi)
Womanlike... 11 to lived in Turkmenia... farther Ukraine... I love children, animals, nature, to read... I go for a fitness... I visit a theatre, concerts, exhibitions... I conduct the active and healthy way of life...
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Member6179084 (Dabar prisijungusi!)
36-metų moteris ieško vyro 36-46; Nevedęs/Netekėjusi
I am extraordinary and interesting girl. I like to active during the weekend, I like a lot of beautiful places on the planet. I have a very noble work My appearance classical beauty and style of modern for me First of
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Member6480917 (Dabar prisijungusi!)
24-metų moteris ieško vyro 20-50; Nevedęs/Netekėjusi
Hello! well little bit about me, i'm really shy at first, but then really loud when I get to know someone. I'm pretty sarcastic, and like making people laugh. I care about what's going on in the world. I can be really
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Member5621353 (Dabar prisijungusi!)
50-metų moteris ieško vyro 45-50; Išsituokęs(-usi)
I LIKE HUMOR, NATUR, VERY KINDLESS. I LIKE ANIMAL. I LIKE MODERN The best and most correct way out: to forget all the bad, keep in mind the good moments, just to say thank you for all we've been through. And to go
Member6478407 (Dabar prisijungusi!)
45-metų moteris ieško vyro 45-55; Išsituokęs(-usi)
открыта для общения, всегда готова прийти на помощь, выслушать человека. Какая я? Да разная: Когда люблю — прекрасная, Если не любима — хмурая, У слишком умных — дура я, У хитрых — простофиля я, А у беспечных — мудрая
Member6482389 (Dabar prisijungusi!)
43-metų moteris ieško vyro 20-30; Išsituokęs(-usi)
I am a quiet and joyful person, very focused on a natural lifestyle and purposeful living. I am artistic in a few ways. I love animals and being in a peaceful setting. I love to use my energy to help others feel good. I
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Member6475680 (Dabar prisijungusi!)
57-metų moteris ieško vyro 48-60; Išsituokęs(-usi)
Attractive, intelligent and sociable woman with a strong character. The range of interests is very wide. I like to tell what I know, if the interlocutor is interested, and I like to listen to what I do not know if the
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Member3682073 (Dabar prisijungusi!)
60-metų moteris ieško vyro 55-70; Išsiskyręs(-usi)
Attractive woman of55, just retired but still working. Faithful, honest, serious. Have 2 grown-up children (33 and 23 years old). Love lakes and forests aroud my town but dream to live near the ocean. I have no much
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Lana332 (Dabar prisijungusi!)
60-metų moteris ieško vyro 56-65; Išsituokęs(-usi)
Позитивная, много хобби и все интересно. Люблю путешествовать. Люблю собак и кошек. Рост 170 см. Вес 72 кг. Спортивное телосложение. Очень активная. Гостеприимная. Друга, приятеля, любимого.
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