March  Houston, Tx My mom and I on my mom's b-day May Mayan Ruins in Copan, Honduras on July . Mayan Ruins in Copan, Honduras on July . My principal  from elementary school after 26 years in Tegucigalpa, Hoduras on July . visiting my elementary friends from Honduras on July .
March Houston, Tx
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Aš esu: 49-m. moteris
zodiako ženklas: Liūtas Liūtas
gyvenu: Fairfield, Teksasas, JAV
ieškau: 44 - 50-m. vyro
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charitous2000 has visited 10 places.
Tegucigalpa, Hondūras @ Intercontinental hotel (visit my friends from elementary school and celebrate the 80th anniversary of my elementary catholi) 2010-07-21
beautiful childhood memories.
Maracay, Venesuela @ my ex-husband mom's house (Dad's funeral) 2008-09-17
very sad memories and awakenings. Never understood the people's culture and bad attitude, the more arrogant you are the more they respect you uggg terrible!! I was in Venezuela the first time in and saw the beautiful beach Cata and a little bit of Caracas too. The food very good specially the "arepas".
Monterrey, Meksika @ hotel (vacation and my ex-husband work meeting) 2007-07-15
went to "La silla" very famous place, the mountains and waterfalls, bought lots of souvernirs and eat lots of lamb very typical food in Monterrey.
Puerto Vallarta, Meksika @ Marieval Hotel (Vacations with family) 2006-06-19
nice hotel and very friendly people.
Cancún, Meksika @ Hotel (vacations) 2005-07-15
vacation with my ex-husband for few days, love the beach and the whole place is beautiful!!
San Francisco, CA @ Marriott Hotel (friend's wedding) 2003-04-20
Went to my ex-husband's friend wedding in San Jose and we visited San Francisco and Sacramento. Beautiful weather!!
Paris, Prancūzija @ Holiday Inn (work and fun with the company I used to work as a hairstylist!) 2001-02-07
Training and fun with the Hair Salon I used to work "Beautique Day Spa and Salon" we were lots of girls around 50 or more girls.
Valencia, Ispanija @ we stayed at an apt. on the grao in front of the beach (family vacations mom, siblings and daughter) 1998-07-12
Excellent memories with my aunts, uncles, cousins and close friends to the family. We had a great family reunion and rest a lotttt!! did many tours and eat lot of spanish food and lots of wine tasting lol!! was great to see all my mom's part of the family.
Madrid, Ispanija @ La Sagrada Familia (Residencia de mujeres) (work and study) 1996-05-31
I went to train in my cosmetology program and at the same time I was helping at the hair salon "Rizos" in Madrid. I was there few months, it was a great personal and professional experience for me. I met wonderful people and I also used to visit my grandma, cousins, uncles and aunts in Castellon, Valencia every other weekend and always had a wonderful time, I wish someday I can retire in Spain, but with financial stability.
Naas, Airija @ my aunt and uncle's house (vacation) 1992-06-15
It was a beautiful 3 weeks stay, I visited my family there, visited the castles, pubs and more pubs, I went to Dublin and Dunboyne very nice I visited the beautiful farms and flowers and spent beautiful time with my family, the only thing I didn't like was the weather, rains to much plus is cold in summer uuggg!! after Ireland that year I went to Barcelona and spent time with a beautiful family friends of my family and they took me to see U2 rock band and was great, but I didn't tell them I was not crazy for that kind of music, but I still had a great time, I went to see "la sagrada familia" and i went to visit where the olympic games were, very nice!!

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