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Member7059431 (Dabar prisijungusi!)
52-metų moteris ieško vyro 45-91; Išsituokęs(-usi)
I am generally an optimistic person with a good sense of humor, fairly easy-going, and I don't think that I'm too critical about things, but I also believe that it takes two people contributing to a relationship to make
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shivany (Dabar prisijungusi!)
41-metų moteris ieško vyro 31-47; Pasakysiu vėliau
What’s about me? I think I'm a simple person, adequate and educated. I like to be at home when I have free time, watching a good Indian melodrama, listening to Eastern music, read Persian poetry (especially Omar
Member4839935 (Dabar prisijungusi!)
60-metų moteris ieško vyro 55-58; Išsituokęs(-usi)
Esu moteris, megstu laisvalaikiu paskaityti gera knyga, megstu sodo darbus, stebeti kaip viskas auga. megstu siuti, megsti, nerti, ypac anukams. Turiu suaugusius keturius sunus ir penkis anukusgimiau ir augau kaime ir
Scophera (Dabar prisijungusi!)
67-metų moteris ieško vyro 62-68; Našlys(-ė)
I am originally from the Czech Republic but moved to South Africa in. I am privileged to be able to live half a year in Africa and half a year in Europe. My time and my heart are divided between these two places and I
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Member7001483 (Dabar prisijungusi!)
59-metų moteris ieško vyro 56-65; Išsituokęs(-usi)
Member6700460 (Dabar prisijungusi!)
55-metų moteris ieško vyro 51-71; Išsiskyręs(-usi)
Жизнерадостная, добрая, хозяйственная, в компании веселая, стиль одежды классический современный Я жду взаимопонимания. Хочу встретить достойного, уверенного в себе, щедрого, приятной внешности мужчину. Ценю доброту,
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NatalySorrel (Dabar prisijungusi!)
49-metų moteris ieško vyro 32-52; Nevedęs/Netekėjusi
Note: I'm 47 y. o. I live in Riga, Latvia, on coast of the Baltic Sea. I'm Russian. I like walk on the beach and swimming in the sea or at the pool. I like to look sports programs, especially: swimming, tennis,
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Nadrev (Dabar prisijungusi!)
27-metų moteris ieško vyro 32-55; Nevedęs/Netekėjusi
Am simple and courageous. I like myself. I respect who respects himself and respect me too. I care about people a lot. Attractive and welcoming. Good person. Real person. Serious person. Simple living person
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Member7056483 (Dabar prisijungusi!)
54-metų moteris ieško vyro 50-62; Nevedęs/Netekėjusi
The world is different and I try to perceive it as it is; I like to look at the city from the window of a tall building (my apartment is like this); And also I do not mind admiring nature from the window of a village
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Member7051691 (Dabar prisijungusi!)
40-metų moteris ieško vyro 44-56; Nevedęs/Netekėjusi
I like outdoors, going theatre, love nature too.. I feel at peace when surrounded by beautiful nature. There's a lot of things I like. I'll tell you more when we chat I mostly wear casual clothes, unless there's a
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