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Aš esu: 51-m. vyras
zodiako ženklas: Svarstyklės Svarstyklės
gyvenu: Las Vegas, Nevada, JAV
ieškau: 49 - 75-m. moters
santykiai: Vedybos
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rasė: Europidas
šeimyninė padėtis: Našlys(-ė)
vaikai: 1
akių spalva: Šviesiai ruda
plaukų spalva: Balta / Pilka
kūno sudėjimas: Atletiškas
aukštis: 5' 9'' (175cm)
religija: Krikščionybė
gėrimas: Negeriu
rūkymas: Nerūkau
maistas: Ne vegetaras
užsiėmimas: Menininkas/Artistas
išsilavinimas: Aukštesnysis
kalbos: English (Fluent)
German (Some)
pomėgiai: Labdara, Žvejyba, Sporto salė, Medžioklė, Plaukiojimas, Pasivaikščiojimai

My work has made me meet many interesting people from different countries, and I realized that not too much of a difference between nations and other nations, we all are just human who wants to be happy, we all want to love and be loved. When I got home I realized that maybe it's not easy to find a woman who will fit all the criterea a man wants. I want to join this site to meet a good woman to love and to be loved, why this site? Nothing really special, just it was a first site when I goggled international dating, so here I am. I am mature enough for a serious relationship and I know what I want, I have a lot to offer my woman and I will never demand something back, I am a giver by my nature, life's so simple, I believe, if only we can strike the right note. All it needed is a little give-and-take. I am free from relationship now, I believe that good things are worth waiting for, and I'm willing to wait if I meet a woman I like and who like me for who I am. I believe that love is like an earthquake-unpredictable, a little scary, but when the hard part is over you realize how lucky you truly are. I did not rush into any kind of relationship. I worked on myself. I felt myself, experienced myself, before we can have a successful relationship with anyone, we first need a perfect personal relationship and now I guess it is time for me to attract that special loving other, “Princess” and “Storytellers” please do not bother me, I want to meet a normal woman who does not hesitate to say what she feels and what she wants, I know what an intimate part of the relationship is as important as a respect and love part, and if we are not ashamed to talk about feelings, then I think we should feel free to talk about our natural desires, agree?; ) So, I just need a woman, who is not a girl already and who knows for sure what she really wants for life, for love and for future, who do not want to talk about the stars for ages, but who is ready for adult relationship in all the meanings of this word

If to speak about the appearance of a woman for me first important the hands of women. After all, if we will be together with her, then she will be her hands to hold and fondle me. But the most important thing in woman is a female stud (not that which is below the belt). female stud in my opinion, is when a woman is responsible for her actions and never goes away, no hiding from the solution of the urgent problems is the ability to not bend under the weight of the circumstances, be flexible. A bit of romanticism in woman is not hurt. Cappuccino with a croissant for breakfast in bed or a bouquet of fresh flowers for no reason - that's the least of romance which should be in a relationship. Such a woman will be reliable back for a man like me. Of course, like any man, I know that actions speak louder than words. I've always been successful generator of ideas, and now is the time to generate my sexual energy, yes, yes, there is nothing vulgar in it, a woman and man are connected with sexual energy sometimes, it is a law of nature, but we are not animals, we need not just sex, we need something more, we share our energy when we respect each other, when I breathe softly on her chest because I'm afraid to disturb her sleep, when we are looking forward to see you after work when we're late for work because our morning kiss could not be just a kiss, and we had to dress up again) Yin and Yang, the two energy found each other and merge in harmony, and now I'm looking for a woman who is ready to become a Ying & Yang to me, Elle & ***** what name we put in place **** Let's solve this equation harmony)

I won't make illusions of a perfect man. I'm real, what it means to be a real will be able to understand not every woman, but who said that I need everyone? I'm a natural born optimist, but even I'm not quite sure that I will have the chance to get a second life. I can't sit on the ground and wait, that a miracle will rush into my life, the life of this movement, and I'm at 101 percent of a living person. There are connoisseurs of good wine, there are connoisseurs of art, I can say that I'm a connoisseur of good people. One of the most important qualities which I appreciate in people is unbending will. I agree with Shakespeare «Our personality is the garden, and our will is - his gardener». The most part of life we spend at work. And I love my job. My work is connected with the exercising of the body. I can do all the things that make my staff. One of my favorite pastime is to do massages. So my future woman is lucky if she likes to relax during a massage after a hard day of work. I'm happy, and I, only I can draw a picture of my life, and I can choose paint for my life and only I can choose which will be drawn there. I have never done this online dating. Now I'm ready for all the difficulties associated with both online and long distance relationship. the difference of mentalities and language barrier.

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