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peržiūrų šį mėnesį: 33
įkelta į išrinktuosius: 24

Aš esu: 51-m. vyras
zodiako ženklas: Ožiaragis Ožiaragis
gyvenu: Bristolis, Jungtinė Karalystė
ieškau: 21 - 66-m. moters
santykiai: Vedybos
Ilgalaikiai santykiai
rasė: Europidas
šeimyninė padėtis: Nevedęs/Netekėjusi
vaikai: Nėra
akių spalva: Mėlyna
plaukų spalva: Šviesi
kūno sudėjimas: Kūdas
aukštis: 5' 8'' (173cm)
religija: Netikintis
gėrimas: Išgeriu retkarčiais
rūkymas: Nerūkau
maistas: Ne vegetaras
užsiėmimas: Pensininkas(-ė)
išsilavinimas: Vidurinis
kalbos: English (Native)
pomėgiai: Atletika, Automobiliai, Maistas, Sodininkystė, Filmai, Politika, Kelionės, Pasivaikščiojimai

I am 50, slim build, physically fit and 5'8" tall. I own my own home, mortgage free, very comfortable financially, and have just taken early retirement. Having just retired relocating for the right woman would not be a problem.......

I have always wanted to be in a cuckold relationship for as long as I can remember, I have given it so much thought over the years, weighed up all the pros and cons very carefully and know its a way of life I want to pursue.

I'm looking for my sole mate, someone I can spoil, treat like a princess and enjoy the pleasures of a cuckold relationship. I'm essentially looking for someone to be my best friend, enjoy a rich and fulfilling sex life together, cosy nights in and wild nights out. I want someone who will make me feel alive and always excited to be with.. The relationship would be built on mutal respect, love, friendship, honesty and trust. Im looking for a true soulmate, someone who I would worship, be so proud she was my partner and look forward to spending the rest of my life with. However you would also be totally free to satisfy your sexual needs with anyone else you wanted to meet as well, when ever you wanted - without question. I would actively support and encourage this behaviour whilst also providing for your emotional needs within our relationship and ensuring financial security. I was in a LTR for over 20yrs with a real prude, I felt really oppressed, and longed to be with a woman who excited me and made me feel alive. When we separated I vowed never to go down that road again so decided to actively search for a lady who would also embrace a cuckold relationship. I find the thought of this overwhelmingly exciting. I'm not searching for stunning looks or the perfect body. My ideal partner would be funny, loving, sensual, open minded, adventurous. I would be so happy, fulfilled and proud to be in a cuckold relationship, I woud treat you like a goddess hold you on a pedestal above all overs and be totally devoted to you.

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