photo_1 No comment. Trying the elegant grey-white hair... ...then came back to brown hair. I like the deep tenderness expressed by this picture (Jivago's movie). She gave me her hand, and that was love. Reality can be found in the tiny space between colours and shadows. "The costumer: God made the world in six days and you are not able to sew me pants in six months. Th When I will be very old, I hope I will look like Georgia O'Keeffe. Stayin' alive until death. A marvelous observation of life, by a great writer.
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peržiūrų šį mėnesį: 13
įkelta į išrinktuosius: 76

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Aš esu: 64-m. moteris
zodiako ženklas: Ožiaragis Ožiaragis
gyvenu: Paris, Prancūzija
ieškau: 61 - 71-m. vyro
santykiai: Vedybos
Ilgalaikiai santykiai
rasė: Europidas
šeimyninė padėtis: Išsituokęs(-usi)
vaikai: 2
akių spalva: Ruda
plaukų spalva: Tamsiai ruda
kūno sudėjimas: Vidutinis
aukštis: 5' 5'' (165cm)
religija: Jokia/Agnosticizmas
gėrimas: Išgeriu retkarčiais
rūkymas: Nerūkau
maistas: Pasakysiu vėliau
užsiėmimas: Kita
išsilavinimas: Aukštesnysis
kalbos: French (Fluent)
Spanish (Fluent)
English (Fluent)
pomėgiai: Menai, Klasikinė muzika, Dainavimas, Teatras, Pasivaikščiojimai, Pasaulio etninė muzika, Kulinarija, Šokiai, Lotynų Amerikos muzika, Literatūra, Filmai, Muziejai, Politika, Skaitymas
Arts, Literature, Music, walking, traveling (not the all time)...

It's now time, in life, to have the very good husband, companion, best friend (I iwll be the best I can too). To deserve the best and give the best of us to our partners. Love, laughts, curiosity, entusiasm, strenght, generosity. I have two independent kids, intelligent and funny. I love humans, humanity, human values, sense of humour, generosity, open minds, friendship, respect, understanding, warmth and intelligent human exchanges. I also can built things with my hands! I like to learn, to discover. In my daylife, I do my best for a better world and humanity, even in the tiny things. I raised up among artists, in three countries and several languages. I am very creative. And funny too. I read, I love reading. You can count on me, I'd like to count on you. I wish us the next twenty years together, sharing a rich life which will make each one of us still grow in our minds and heart and feel serene, balanced, in the harbor we precisely wished to be.

I have a "normal" body, I have none obsession on being this or not being that. I like elegance, but I know that elegance is a pesonal touch, a kind of harmony between what we are, what we think we are, and what we would be. I can be casual. Smile is the best style ever: -) Sometimes I am brown hair (original), but ow from time to time I try my "silver" grey; -) I have a very good health and feel strong.

I can live wherever if we share with intelligence and love a roof, authentic and honest love, beautiful days. Individual activities must be respected too, and shared common ones. I have lived in several countries, I do not really feel "roots for ever" somewhere. I like big cities, but also the sea shores. I hope you wil be attentionate, understanding, respectful. We can travel sometimes (not the all time), I have not a caricatural "turistic way of being". I want to feel you are at my side even if you are doing elsewhere something by your own, and I want you to know I am also at your side. Compassion, tenderness are important. For the best, or in bad moments (unfortunately they can happen). Hope you love art, literature, philosophy. Hope we can talk politics (I care about what's goin' on in the world). We will like each other's kids (and animals if). We will come to each other each one with his/her own world, they maybe can be more beuatiful aside, in connexion, and colouring each other's.

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